Book Review – NISTISIMA – Georgina Hayden

I wanted to share a wonderful book that I have recently purchased that I think you will love as well! Recently published, Nistisima is a beautiful collection of plant-based recipes from across the world, specifically lenten orthodox fasting recipes. With recipes included from Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Jordan, Armenia, and more. It’s good to get some inspiration for meals and to know you are eating healthily as well, this book is fabulous and a must-buy! I chose this book for review as it has recipes that look great but also that I want to cook. A lot of the recipes I knew about but there are definitely some that I had not heard of. I have different books with some lenten foods – but now I have them all in one place! I have celebrated clean Monday in Greece a few times which was not a struggle – except that I no longer eat fish (I remember the octopus being grilled and a beautiful great big fish cooked with garlic).

Some of the tastiest nistisima foods I have eaten were in Israel, I’m surprised I didn’t come back looking like a falafel! but I also remember eating Mujendra in Nicosia in Cyprus in a tiny cafe in the sunshine served by what looked like two aunties in aprons! it was very cheap but delicious.
I have been very fortunate to travel and eat good lenten foods in a multitude of places – somehow the food eaten under the Mediterranean sun tastes far superior to that eaten under the London rain :-).

Georgina mentions a book written by the late Father Epiphanios from Mount Athos that includes more than 100 fasting friendly recipes (It’s not a coincidence that the monks on Mount Athos live long and strong) the book is called: The Cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos -and I will be digging about to find it and see what treasures it has inside. (Well, I’ve just checked on Amazon and it is £120 – so maybe I will not be ordering it LOL!).

Whether you are fasting or not – more and more people are waking up to plant-based diets and for many people, the supermarket meat substitutes are a definite no (it worries me what they are actually made of?) I love Chef AJ’s mantra – if I can’t make it in my kitchen then I don’t eat it. Whole food plant-based foods are in my opinion the way to optimum health and longevity  – so if you want to eat well invest in books like this and see how your health changes…………

FOOTNOTE: The book is about £20 but is hardback and one for the collection!

2 thoughts on “Book Review – NISTISIMA – Georgina Hayden

  1. ourgivenpurpose

    Hello!!! You are absolutely lovely and I am even more intrigued as I am restarting my vegan journey. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your review of more recipes…and yes I read through them 😉 Your friend across the pond~ Torrie


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