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If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s great challenges without mental stress or other negative emotions.
You’ll be happier and perform better. Shirzad Chamine

PQ Positive Intelligence changed my life – now its your turn

Why bother with a Coach?

I work best with women, often leaders (or aspiring leaders) that are ready to take the next step – people who are prepared to get to where they want to go and who are ready to make a change (even if you don’t know how to do that yet) People who want to have balance and peace in their lives.

Are you ready to be vulnerable and authentic and commit to doing the work that will transform you and your outlook on life? Are you ready and willing to stop circling the mountain and get up and go over? Because you know there is more in you and more that you have to give the world?

The difference with my coaching is it deals with the self-sabotage and saboteur voices that keep you at the foot of the mountain and gives you the tools to tackle issues and challenges from a calm and centred place – I help you to unlock yourself and your thinking to achieve your potential and get to the outcome you want to live your very best life.

Working with PQ Intelligence I work through the way you can re-wire your thinking – have a look at the amazing science behind this type of coaching.


If you are ready to climb the mountain and see the view from the top! and would like to explore and have a free 40 minute coaching chat with me contact me here

‘Michelle is brilliant in what she does. She has helped me so much to identify my values and my strengths and to see myself with more optimism, something I was definitely lacking when we first met. I think Michelle is able to create a sense of safe space to discuss issues and has always been able to push me (emotionally) when I needed to be challenged’. Saleta CR …..(Now in a new more senior role)

Attending coaching sessions has helped build my confidence and provided the affirmation I needed to move forward in my career and personal life. It has taught me to face all new challenges with a positive attitude regardless of my inner reservations and to challenge myself in all aspects of my life. Charlene S (Now in a more senior role in the private sector)

Drawing out themes and feelings that I wasn’t, on the surface of it, aware of. At times, this delving deeper got us into some fairly sensitive territory that with anyone else would have made me feel very uncomfortable. However, with Michelle I felt able to talk freely and really valued her ability to facilitate key conversations that I needed to have. She has the ability to make sessions feel personal whilst maintaining a focus on outcomes and keeping sessions on track.
Will M

My coach is honestly the reason why I was able to stay in my job and see my project contract to the end. Without her
guidance, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today. She uses the perfect balance of empathy, excellent listening skills and practical advice to navigate each and every situation that I brought to our sessions. Michelle is very natural in our sessions and has a calming influence. Helen Mc (Now in a great, fulfilling role in another industry)

This experience was excellent, I fully bought into the experience from the beginning and got the most out of it as a result. The sessions really gave me direction and assisted me with closure on a number of other personal issues. This in turn gave me the self-confidence to then apply for a senior management role within a Council near to my home. I got the job and start in April. Peter C (Now in a more senior role, closer to home)