Ageing Gracefully

It’s hard on women. The ageing process. It’s even harder if you have made a living from your looks or have defined yourself by the attention you get from men. It’s hard to look in the mirror every day and see yourself becoming older BUT, it’s something we all need to come to terms with and embrace. It is way better to let go and evolve than cling by any means to who you ‘used’ to be – it’s a losing battle!  
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Inactivity is Killing Us!

lazy asian woman using smartphone in bed
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There is some not so good news that has been circulating for quite a while now, that the real silent killer in the world today is our sedentary lifestyles.
Infact, inactivity is causing more deaths than smoking!  Sitting on your tusch all day (even if you are super slim) will inevitably give you problems later in life. The good news?……….you don’t have to be rich, slim or young to change the course of your life and the number of years you live!
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Stay True To Your Vision

My husband gave me a timely reminder this week why I started this little blog site as he could see that I had lost my way and my joy.  I started this project as a HOBBY not as a job, as an outlet for a passion of mine and to provide myself with a distraction during a difficult time – I am slightly ashamed to say that I fell into a very classic trap – comparison.
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This Menopause Malarkey!

‘Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman!’ – your damn skippy Ms. Wynette! No one said it better 🙂 from time to time it feels as women, we have been offered the crappy end of the stick. It starts from a young age when no one ever tells you the joys that are ahead or that you are supposed to suck it all up with a stiff upper lip (no visible moustache please) and be careful not to put on any weight or heaven forbid show signs of aging! Continue reading “This Menopause Malarkey!”

The Cretan Rhythm

So, you will have noticed by now that I am a bit of a Grecophile! I have travelled to Greece extensively and have been fortunate enough to visit some of the most unspoiled corners of the country. Places where you are welcome to visit but you are not catered for – bliss! No fast food, no English food on offer  – just seasonal, home-cooked food – like it or leave it – me, personally I liked it! Continue reading “The Cretan Rhythm”

‘We dig our grave with our knife and fork’

English Proverb

‘We dig our grave with our knife and fork’ was also said by the wonderful Miriam Margolyes, actress and national treasure on one of the documentaries about retired celebs checking out various retirement homes across the world. The difference between some of the celebs was marked. Jan Leeming and Wayne Sleep almost defying their ages and looking much, much younger, Rosemary Schreager and Miriam Margolyes looking less than energetic and light on their feet. ‘You are what you eat’ seems especially noticeable in later life. Continue reading “‘We dig our grave with our knife and fork’”

Hara Hachi Bu

I don’t know about you, but I come from a generation who were drilled to eat everything on their plate, not being allowed to leave the table until you had finished (whether you liked it or not!) I can remember some serious standoffs where I sat in the dark with cold, congealed fish on my plate (with the threat that I would get it for breakfast!) I vowed never to make my children eat food they really didn’t like – and that’s one thing I have stuck to – what’s the point?  Food is to be enjoyed and savoured. Continue reading “Hara Hachi Bu”

It’s all Greek to Me!

Many, many moons ago – it almost seems another life ago – I arrived on Corfu (pre-mobile phone!!! that’s how long ago) as a rookie holiday rep, totally unprepared for the summer ahead. I still have no idea how I got through the interview stage but somehow I did. I survived that summer (one day I will write a memoir on those halcyon days) and the next five or six summers and so began a love affair with all things Greek. Continue reading “It’s all Greek to Me!”

The Man Who Wouldn’t Die!!!

Stamatis Moriatis at 102!

A human story to me is more powerful than many words, data and statistics  – We hear statistics and presentations every day – alas, the needle on behaviour change moves very little BUT show me someone who has lived experience, who I can connect with, who will inspire and challenge me – then you have my interest. Continue reading “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die!!!”