Vitality Coaching

A life less ordinary…………………………………..STEP UP INTO YOUR POWER.

It’s great to live a long life, healthy, fit and strong BUT what would it feel like to look back in the final stages of your life and see a life enjoyed, embraced, tested, tried, savoured and completely experienced. A life you can be proud of, a life which you took control of and one where all of your skills, talents and passions were shared with others……everything you had – given. OR a career you love, that doesn’t feel like work because it hits all your values and makes you sing!

You were delivered into this world full of potential, full of uniqueness, full of talent and skill and you are meant to go back at the end of this life – completely empty! You are meant to look back and say ‘Wow! What a ride!’
You see, all of the things that make you you, were not just for yourself.

When you were a child, the sky was the limit. You dreamed big, (how many kids were going to be astronauts!) Despite your background you thought that anything was possible and it was……but then life got in the way. You started to compare yourself and felt you weren’t as smart as some of the ‘others’, not as confident, not as articulate, not as rich, not as pretty etc. and started to scale back on your dreams and on who you were.

People never regret what they tried at the end of their lives – they regret never trying……..

Tired of going round the same mountain? you know the one – when you have the right qualifications, then you will be able to move forward, when the kids have grown up , then you will be able to do what you always wanted, when you get the promotion, then you will be happy and on it goes……….when X happens, then I will have arrived, be happy, feel satisfied.

Would you actually like to be happy NOW? Happy with your life, yourself, your relationships, your career? Well, it’s possible. It just takes a little re-wiring in the brain department! You ARE the change you want to see happen .

Mental fitness coaching is not a luxury – it’s what sensible people do to move forward and flourish.

“People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”― John C. Maxwell