Orange Tahini Biscuits

tahini biscuits

I could have posted my own photo of these delicious little biscuits but they disappeared rather quickly! I made these on a Monday night after work, so that shows you how simple they are. I really loved the flavour of these biscuits and they go really well with a cup of tea or coffee. I would probably double up on the ingredients and make a bigger batch as they won’t be around for long 🙂 

150 gr x organic plain flour
zest of 1 large orange
11/2 x tsp of baking powder
70 gr x coconut sugar or brown sugar
110 gr x Tahini paste
100 gr x chopped mixed nuts (or chopped nuts of your choice)
60 ml x fresh squeezed orange juice
1 x tbsp of Greek honey or agave 
100 gr sesame seeds


Preheat the oven 160 c
In a large bowl add in the tahini paste, orange juice, sugar and the honey. Mix everything with a balloon whisk until combined.
Now add in the grated orange zest, the flour, baking powder and the chopped mixed nuts and mix together well with a spatula. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes.
The mixture will be quite sticky so don’t worry it is meant to be like that. 
Have a small plate with some flour in it to coat your hands so that the mixture doesn’t stick.
Dip your fingers in the flour and with a teaspoon, take a chunk of the mixture and roll it into ball. Working quickly then gently put the ball of dough into the sesame seeds and roll it in the seeds until covered. 
Gently pat the ball into a disc and place on a lined baking tray. The biscuits do not have to be prefect but try to get them roughly the same size and thickness (remember they will expand a bit in the oven).
Bake in the middle tray of the oven for about 15-20 minutes until they are golden brown. When cooked, gently place them on a wire cooling rack.
When cooled and placed in a glass jar, they look very professional 🙂 Enjoy and try to eat just one………






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