Healthy Breakfast Spread (Tahin Pekmez)

tahin pekmezI stumbled upon this little gem by pure accident whilst looking for directions on making Turkish tea (I now own a fantastic Turkish double tea pot!) This amazing breakfast spread is a well kept secret and has become a firm favourite in my home. It is so simple but really delicious. This is a blend of tahini and molasses (I have used either blackstrap molasses or grape molasses) Molasses is good for the health, helps reduce PMS and reduce joint pain among other healthful properties. Grape molasses was used as a ‘cure-all’ in ancient times. Tahini is full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and also very good for heart health – so you can slather this on warm bread in the morning without any guilt!

1/2 x cup of good quality tahini paste
1/2 x cup of Grape or Blackstrap molasses

Simply add the ingredients to a bowl and mix well together then transfer to a glass screw top jar.
This spread is great on fresh bread, toast or pancakes or can even be used as a natural sweetener in cooking,
Increase the ratio of ingredients if you want to make larger amounts as this stores well in a jar for ages! (DO NOT refrigerate).
I hadn’t realised the amount of varieties of molasses there are in the world! I have a jar of carob molasses to try next! – ENJOY!

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