Spiced Apple Cake with Pecan Crumble Topping

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A hit! I have had to hide this cake as it had taken a pounding! A lovely, autumnal cake with healthy ingredients and a delicious crunchy, crumb topping. Its always good to  share the love and the cake 🙂 It does have a few ingredients but everything goes into a food processor for the cake mixture so its pretty easy. I think if you want to impress vegan friends then this is the recipe. Use organic flour if you can and experiment with your spice levels – this combines my personal favourites of cinammon and mixed spice. Cinammon has a lot of health benefits and should be used generously!

200g x organic plain flour
125g  x ground almonds
2 x tbsp ground flaxseeds
1.5 x tsp baking powder
1/2 x tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 x tsp of salt
1 x tbsp apple cider vinegar
250ml x oat milk (or any other plant-based milk)
1 x tbsp coconut oil or another vegetable that doesn’t have a strong flavour
150g x pitted Medjool dates
3 x tbsp maple syrup or agave/date syrup
1 x tbsp vanilla essence 
1 x tbsp ginger powder (add more if you want more of a kick)
1 x tbsp cinnamon
1 x tbsp mixed spice
2 x apples grated

Crumble Topping   **make before making the cake****
100g coconut sugar
100g x pecan nuts, toasted and broken up (I didn’t toast mine and they still tasted good!)
2 x tsp cinammon
1 x tsp of mixed spice
1/2 x tsp salt
3 x tbsp plant based butter – melted
5 x tbsp organic plain flour

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Grease an 8 inch loose bottomed sandwich tin.
Make your topping mixture by adding the sugar, flour, cinammon, mixed spice, broken up pecans and salt and combine together with a spoon. Now add in the melted butter and mix well – set aside to cool.
Add all of the ingredients for the cake into a food processor (except for the grated apple) and blitz.
You should have a smooth, thickish batter. Grate the apples and I recommend squeezing some of the juice out of the grated apples with your hands. Now add into the food processor and blitz again for about 30 seconds until everything is combined.
Spoon the batter into your cake tin, smooth the surface and add on your crumble topping. This all fitted perfectly into an 8 inch cake tin (one you would use to cook a victoria sandwich for example).
Bake in the oven for approx 50-60 mins. 
Check it after 50 mins and see if a skewer comes out clean. If its clean then its ready. If it is still leaving mixture on the skewer – cover gently with some silver foil and cook for another ten minutes.
Leave to cool and then carefully remove from the cake tin. 
This cake is just the right side of sweet and looks very professional with very little effort! Great as a non-guilty treat after your daily walk 🙂


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