Caribbean Style Porridge

Sometimes I need a breakfast that will keep me satisfied until lunchtime -and this porridge does the job! My late Jamaican father-in-law was a regular porridge eater and he lived until he was 90! Some Caribbean porridge recipes call for condensed milk but as this is a blog site about longevity,  I am omitting the less healthy version 🙂  Oats are an all round good food – a great source of soluble fiber, a rich source of magnesium and it is great for controlling blood sugar. Best of all  – oats are fairly low cost (DO NOT use instant oats – they are not good!) and when my kids are hungry  – this is a go to for them any time of day.

1/2 x cup of rolled oats
3/4 x cup of coconut milk 
3/4 x cup of water (add a little more if desired)
1 x tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cinammon stick
2 x cloves
1/2 x tsp nutmeg
2 x allspice berries
1/2 x tsp salt
1-2 x tsp of agave or date syrup

In a small saucepan add the water, coconut milk, cinammon stick, cloves, all spice berries and salt and bring to a boil. Let the mixture simmer for about 4-5 minutes and then remove the cinammon stick, all spice berries and cloves. Add in the oats and stir continously as the mixture begins to thicken. Once the mixture is thickening reduce the heat to medium-low and add the vanilla extract, nutmeg and agave syrup. 
Let the mixture gently simmer, stirring when necessary and adding more water or coconut milk (or oat milk) as required. 
I personally hate runny porridge but others can’t eat it thick – so make it your way!
The porridge should now be ready – so pour into a bowl and now you can add the topping of your choice. I love adding sliced banana and raisins but other options are: chopped nuts, chopped fruits, dried apricots, sunflower seeds,  a dollop of peanut butter or any other thing that takes your fancy!


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