Strawberry and Banana Breakfast Smoothie

I am trying to move away from eating too much bread and I normally have a sandwich for breakfast (Which I love!) so after I went on a very gentle jog this morning, I came back and whizzed up this delicious smoothie. I used mainly frozen fruit, which is really economical and I had an apple and an orange looking very lonely and a little jaded in the fruit bowl! So I threw them in as well. A little bit of honey or agave and some chia seeds and this was a lovely start to the day.

2 x cups of mixed strawberry & banana slices
1 x flesh of a large orange
1 x medium apple – chopped
1 x tsp agave syrup or honey
2 x cups of chilled oat milk (and a little more if needed)
1 x tbsp of chia seeds or flaxseed 

Add the chopped frozen fruit to your blender or smoothie maker. Peel and  de-seed the orange and add in along with the chopped apple.
Add the honey or agave, oat milk and chia seeds.
Blitz in your blender for about a minute  – (mine was quite thick so you can add a little water or more oat milk depending on your preference). Serve immediately.
You can of course add in any other fruits you like and if you are taking to work, add in some porridge oats to really give you a filling shake!

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