Veggie Gamopilafo (Wedding Rice)

Ok – so this looks kind of plain! BUT……it is so tasty and easy to make. Thank you to Kyria Katerina from Stavros, Chania for introducing me to Cretan Wedding Rice! Just when I thought I knew about Greek food up popped another surprise. We were served this rice with traditional Cretan bread and garlic, fresh olives, feta and salad! delicious 🙂 This rice is quite wet almost like risotto  – I have adapted of course as it is most often served or cooked with meat and meat stock.

2 x cups of American pre-fluffed medium grain rice (or Carolina Greek rice if you can get) wash thoroughly
50g butter or olive oil
6 x cups of vegetable stock (made with 2 x Knorr vegetable stock cubes)
2 – 3 lemons (juice only)
Salt & white pepper (to taste) just remember to taste as the stock has salt

Wash your rice thoroughly in a metal sieve to remove all the starch (the water should run clear). Bring your vegetable stock to a rolling boil (with the butter if you are using and the salt and pepper ) and pour in the washed rice. You will need to keep an eye on the rice and stir it quite often so that it does not stick, keep it on a good rolling boil and it should start to thicken after about 15 mins. Now squeeze the juice of your lemons and add to the rice mixture and cook for a further 5 mins (until the rice is soft). Now turn off the heat and lay a thick tea towel over the top and put the lid firmly on. Leave for 10 minutes to rest. Now you are ready to serve – add as a side dish – olives and salad are great with this and pretend you are in Greece! 🙂


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