Immunity Boosting Tea

Hans Vivek

There are so many coughs and colds flying around at the moment – it is a good idea to boost your immune system and don’t give a cold the chance to get a hold – this tea is fragrant and tasty anyway but has the added value of being good for you and easy to make.

2cm fresh ginger – chopped into thick slices
1 x cinnamon stick
2cm fresh turmeric- chopped into thick slices
A couple of cloves
1 x tsp apple cider vinegar
2 x tsp honey or agave nectar
1 x lemon – sliced
pinch ground black pepper
Litre of water

Scrape the skin of the ginger and chop into thick slices – grate a little bit if you want your tea to have a zing! Do the same with the turmeric (be careful to chop on something old or disposable as it stains).
Add the ginger and turmeric to a pan with approx a litre of water and then add in the lemon slices (squeeze a little juice in too), honey, cinnamon stick, apple cider vinegar, cloves and a pinch of black pepper.
Gently boil for about 10 minutes – then strain and serve – adding a few of the lemon slices back in for extra flavour.
If you don’t drink it all hot, this tea tastes just as good at room temperature.

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