Lemon, Oregano potatoes in the Oven (Patates sto Fourno)

A real favourite of mine – these have the real flavour of Greece – oregano and fresh lemon 🙂 Like a lot of Greek dishes, every home serves them slightly differently but the basic elements stay the same. This dish is really easy and will make you look like a chef! Unlike their British roast potato equivalent – these are slightly crispy on the edges and also soft and lemony.

4 -5 medium potatoes – (I sometimes use Cyprus potatoes or a good firm potato – you can also use small whole potatoes)
1/2  x cup of extra virgin olive oil – a little more if you love olive oil!
1/2 x cup of water
1 x tbsp dried Greek or fresh Oregano (if you can get it – if not regular dried will do)
Juice of 1 x medium lemon (approx 4 x tbsps)
sea salt & black pepper to taste – make sure you season them well
Optional: (You can also grate some garlic into the olive oil, lemon and water mixture)

Set your oven to 180 degrees.
Start by peeling your potatoes (or if you prefer to wash them with skin on and use) then wash, cut into long wedges  – this is how it’s traditionally done but a potato is a potato! cut them how you want!) pat the potatoes dry ready to use.
In a large bowl, drizzle a little bit of the olive oil over the potatoes and add in the oregano, salt and pepper and toss your potatoes so they are well covered with the seasoning.
Place the seasoned potatoes into a shallow baking dish (metal is probably best). In a jug or cup add the olive oil, water and lemon juice and mix together – now pour in between the potatoes – not over them – as you will remove all that seasoning you just tossed the potatoes in! (I have made this mistake!)
Now place in the oven for approx 1 hour – after 30 mins check the potatoes and if necessary add a little more water – you don’t want them to stick to the pan.
They will be cooked when you can test with a knife easily and they feel soft but also have a good colour on the outside. Serve on a plate and use some of the cooking liquid drizzled over the top.

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