Beetroot, Feta & Mint Dip

Oh my goodness – this is one of my summer favourites – light, tasty and as usual easy to make 🙂 The combination of sweet beetroot, fresh mint and salty feta is really refreshing – watch out thought it’s addictive! Beets are high in vitamin C and potassium and are known for helping lower blood pressure. Fresh mint is wonderful for the stomach and digestion, plus feta cheese (the real stuff! either sheep or goats milk or a combination of the two) has anti-cancer properties and immune-boosting properties – that’s why the Greeks are a healthy bunch!

250g pack of cooked beetroot
1-2 tbsp red wine vinegar
110g drained and crumbled feta
large handful of fresh mint leaves (pulled off the stems)
4 x tbsp of greek yoghurt
1 x tsp sea salt – adjust to taste (be careful as the feta will be salty)
A good grind of pepper
1 x tbsp olive oil

Put all the ingredients (apart from the salt) into a blender and blend roughly – check the level of saltiness and add more if you like. Blitz again.
until the ingredients are well mixed and smooth (don’t over mix)
It’s ready to eat! serve with pitta bread, warm naan bread or tortilla chips. I also use this as a base on sandwiches and then add in my salad leaves, tomatoes and peppers.

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